Hi Everyone, and welcome to Catholics of the World, a blog dedicated to sharing stories from the universal Catholic Church – thanks for following!

The Greek roots of the word “catholic” colloquially mean “universal”. In a time of increasing divisions around the world, I believe we all need to remember and embrace the universality of the Church, now more than ever.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel a lot for my job (and for fun!) – a lot of times to less frequently visited places. Experiencing the beauty of Catholicism in different languages, in countries where Christianity is not the main religion, and in the people I’ve met has helped me to grow in my relationship with Christ – and it is my prayer that in sharing some of these stories and experiences with you, that it will help you to grow deeper in your faith as well.

I hope that you enjoy, learn, and grow from this site and Instagram – specifically through the interviews with Catholics I meet in my travels, my experiences going to Mass and other Catholic events in various countries, and other fun things that highlight the universality of our Church.